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    Maddus Mattus

    @Dr Herbie: If you have laws for the curriculum, then there is a regulated market.

    You cannot agree or disagree with a free market. It's the dance of the producer and the consumer, no one else. The market is not always right. That's why we have booms and busts. By interfering with this pattern, the booms and busts (especially the busts) will be more severe.

    If the schools produce a high number of drones, instead of free thinkers, the businesses will determine their value when they leave school. If the businesses determine that it does not place a lot of value on drones, they will pay a less rate to the student. In this scenario the student is the only one to blame, he bet on drone and lost. As a result students will flock to the free thinkers curriculum.

    Now if government sticks it's nose in and dictate the curriculum (or part of it) by law, the student is no longer responsible for the decision. Therefore it's unfair for him to bear the consequences. So as a result of this failure, we need to also regulate businesses to hire drones. And as a result of this failure we need to bail out the banks where the drones work. The disease that is regulation spreads it's tentacles everywhere. You cannot plan people. And frankly I think it's an insult to the intelligence of a student and an attack on his freedom.