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View Thread: What I hate about being a Southerner
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    Maddus Mattus

    @cbae: Why does government have to push you into a college degree? Why does a government have to push into anything?

    It should be your own free choice to get a college degree.

    What you end up with now is people with fancy college degrees that serve hamburgers and with a massive debt. Next stop; student loan crisis!

    And maybe the reds are the free thinkers? Have you considered that? Maybe they think they can make up their own minds, instead of some college professor telling them how the world works?

    You make an awful amount of assumptions for one that claims to be a member of 'the only party that can think free'.

    @Dr Herbie: It's all well intended, just badly thought trough. So I for one don't think it's a conspiracy.

    And the reply to BitFlipper was meant very sarcastically.