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    Note, I have never watched Fox news. It's not available where I live.

    "Critics have been known to complain about the "Fair & Balanced" slogan.  Former President Bill Clinton exploded at Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace in September of 2006, accusing him of "a nice little conservative hit job" after being lightly pressed by Wallace about his record on fighting Al Qaeda. Democratic politicians and advocates have relentlessly attacked the cable network, sometimes accusing it of being a Republican propaganda mill.  Former Vice-President and environmentalist Al Gore has likened Fox to a right-wing "fifth column."  Groups, such as, funded a classic schlockumentary entitled Outfoxed, which purports to expose the channel's 'nefarious Republican agenda'.  Some have referred to FOX News as "the propaganda arm of the Republican Party" or "Faux News." In a grandstanding gesture of political theater the group unsuccessfully petitioned the Federal Trade Commission to stop Fox's from using its slogan as "deceptive advertising". It was unanimously rejected. [5] Fox News spokesman Rob Zimmerman told today's (Tuesday) Wall Street Journal: "If they can attack Fox News to this extreme, then all news organizations are at risk to be targeted by similar attacks. ... It's best to ignore nuts." "