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    Hundreds of Ole Miss students exchanged racial epithets and violent,politicized chants in response to the announcement of the re-election of President Barack Obama.

    What began as an argument around midnight quickly spread across campus.

    UPD responded to a fire alarm being pulled in Brown Hall as crowds gathered near Kincannon and Stockard.

    Just as all seemed to calm down, those in disagreement moved to the Grove.

    UPD cleared the Grove on the grounds that it closes at midnight. Displeased, crowds continued to grow and returned to Kincannon.

    UPD responded and forcibly dispersed the crowd.

    "Disperse or go to jail," UPD officers said.

    For me, the greatest political irony in the world is the Democratic Party, the party of the southern states civil war.

    The Democrats have done a total 180 degree turn and is not the racist party of the former U.S. slave states.

    This flip-flop occurred after Martin Luther King Jr. graced us with his message. Hillary Rodham Clinton, from a connected Republican Chicago family, became a Democrat. So in this weird twist, I can keep my ancestors' political association without being a 'good ol' boy' white southern racist.

    I will always laugh that the southern white male bigot votes for the political party that was formed to go to war with the south and ended up destroying it quite thoroughly. Irony++. Republicans were who were chanting racist vitriole in Mississippi, no Democrats were there, they were being human.

    The Republican Party is the standing white male southern racist party. Be proud of that or change.