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View Thread: What I hate about being a Southerner
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    , Maddus Mattus wrote


    When the chips are down, when you have a bust, it's in everybody's best interest to see the bust go bust. To prevent a bust to bust is to kick the can down the road and create a bigger bust when you no longer can afford to kick the can.

    I have no idea what that paragraph means and your inability to use meaningful grammar or puntiation is tiresome.  If you are going to argue coherently, do .... ya know what, nevermind.

    I'm not falling into your trap, again.

    You are wrong.  You have been shown to be wrong over and over again, and you keep coming back with cartoonish misunderstandings of what government, society, and commerce is and does.  You purposefully ignore any and all logic, and frankly, I cannot f*cking believe I even cared enough to hit submit on this post.

    You, sir, are a troll.