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View Thread: What OS is not business critical ready?
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    , brich wrote

    Uh....they don't interface with Apple in our enterprise....the FUBAR is with the Java implementation they require for our thousands of Win 7 Enterprise installs.

    So are you saying that you're disappointed that Microsoft didn't cripple your payroll partner's app by remotely disabling Java, or are you just saying that you wish your payroll partners didn't depend on Java?

    If Apple stopped playing these kind of shenanigans, it would be easier for enterprise to rely on them in a corporate environment. This kind of activity is disappointing for people who want to see more Macs in the workplace. Seeing Apple punishing IT departments that choose Macs as part of their fleet by disabling enterprise-critical apps on those Macs without consulting them first makes it even less likely that an IT department will move away from the Windows monoculture in the office any time soon.