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What about VS11?

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    There are several posts about Windows 8 but none about VS 11, although I don't like the new look is not a very big issue for me, they are annoyances but nothing mayor (like the fact they removed the "Test Tools" tool bar or that the only icons I recognize are "Save" and "Save All" and I have to use my mouse to see the tool tip because the icon itself doesn't tell me anything).

    What really annoys me is the interaction with TFS, in VS 2010 I just right click the solution clicked on "check in" in the "Check In" window add a comment and if needed clicked on work items to run a query and select all the related work items.

    Now I have to remember the ID's of the work items. Another option is to move away from the "Pending Changes" state in Team explorer go to the Queries section of Work Items and then go back to add the ID's. The last option is use the search on top of Team Explorer memorize the ID's or go back and forth while you relate the work items to your check in (if there is an easy way please enlighten me).

    I love how now VS uses all my cores while building and the new sites in TFS 11 but it really sucks too, I still can't decide if VS 11 is hot enough to put up with its craziness.

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    Haven't tried VS 11 with TFS yet, so I can't comment on that but it does sound like a hassle.

    On the whole I actually don't mind the new UI look and feel - I thought I may not like it but it's growing on me. I do particularly like the dark theme - I always used a custom dark theme for coding, but there were some things in vs 2010 that didn't display correctly in dark - mostly certain dock windows.

    Thing I don't like at this stage:

    1. monochrome icons - someone said it in another thread somewhere, although they definitely get out of the way, it does make remembering where things are a little harder. A splash of color would help there.
    2. All caps for the dock window headers - yeah, that REALLY bothers me for some reason. I feel like I'm being shouted at! heck, I'd even prefer them all lower case if neccessary.
    3. This is the one I hate the most - but I am hoping it's just for the beta and not the final RTM: There are no installation options! Seriously, when I installed it at the office yesterday, I thought I must have missed the screen where you choose what to install. But, I've just installed it at home this evening and the only thing you can choose is the folder location.
      So, I'm going to end up with C++, SQL server express and probably a whole set of additional crap on my machine that I am never going to use. Okay, harddrive space is cheap and plentiful, but please ask me what I want to install - especially if there's going to be 9gb of it!

      As I say, hoping that one is just because it's beta...
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    lol, I thought the same about the installation, but I'm sure that will be fixed in RTM, the VS and TFS thing I just read a blog about it and although I have to change my workflow it makes sense so I'm going to try it
    What I'm worried about is my setup projects, those are not supported and Wix is not ready yet.

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    Okay, harddrive space is cheap and plentiful ...

    SSD drive space is scarce and expensive Smiley

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    , JuanZamudio wrote


    the VS and TFS thing I just read a blog about it and although I have to change my workflow it makes sense so I'm going to try it

    Care to share that blog post?

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    Well I installed it and have attempted to work with it on some existing projects. Some notes...


    Its NOT compatable with VAULT, our source control layer at the moment. This incompatability I believe is causing the problem below

    It seems to want to change the project files so that they are incompatible then with VS2010, something that is being touted as a feature being the ability to move a single project between the two versions. I believe this is because its not compatible with the Enhanced VAULT client, and Sourcegear has no solution for this until its actually released. So I thing is attempting to remove the source control bindings and thus breaking the files back in VS2010. Either way NOT usable for me in any real work so I have to offline experiment and I have not had the time to do so yet...



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    Basically first you change a work item to "In Progress" and when you are bout to check in the changeset VS automagically adds the "In Progress" work item to the related work items.

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    @harlock123: I'm having the problem with Vault Enhanced as well, although non enhanced client does work fine, which means i cant use VS11 for any real work as downgrading to non enhanced client is too painful. VSTS Express is looking enticing, if there was a way to migrate the vault data to VSTS id be giving that a go.


    They may come to the party if all it is is reg settings (which i tried to duplicate but couldn't), VS11 hasn't been out for very long so ill give them a chance, but they really should be more proactive about keeping us informed.

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