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    There are several posts about Windows 8 but none about VS 11, although I don't like the new look is not a very big issue for me, they are annoyances but nothing mayor (like the fact they removed the "Test Tools" tool bar or that the only icons I recognize are "Save" and "Save All" and I have to use my mouse to see the tool tip because the icon itself doesn't tell me anything).

    What really annoys me is the interaction with TFS, in VS 2010 I just right click the solution clicked on "check in" in the "Check In" window add a comment and if needed clicked on work items to run a query and select all the related work items.

    Now I have to remember the ID's of the work items. Another option is to move away from the "Pending Changes" state in Team explorer go to the Queries section of Work Items and then go back to add the ID's. The last option is use the search on top of Team Explorer memorize the ID's or go back and forth while you relate the work items to your check in (if there is an easy way please enlighten me).

    I love how now VS uses all my cores while building and the new sites in TFS 11 but it really sucks too, I still can't decide if VS 11 is hot enough to put up with its craziness.