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View Thread: What difficulties might I run into, doing development on my laptop, while commuting?
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    Doctor Who

    I've had an idea for a Windows Phone app for a long time, but finding the time to work on it hasn't been easy, due to long commutes. A month ago I got a new laptop, because I was going on a business trip and needed a way of being able to reach work, in the event I had to. Now I wondering, how about doing development on my laptop, while I'm commuting? (I ride a bus; long rides.) Now, there's times when that's not convenient, due to the fact that I had several transfers that are only a few minutes apart, but there's other things that might be possible. The only thing I'm concerned about is not having Internet access. If I try this, what problems might I encounter, and how might I be able to either fix it or live with it?