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    I went to BUILD. I got my tablet. I spoke with many Microsofties about the strategy, the technology, etc. and came away with the feeling that Windows 8 has nothing for LOB app developers. It's all rich media, games, and fart apps for Windows 8. Maybe I'm just ignorant but it seem like Microsoft has little to say to the LOB app developer other than to say "just keep on using WPF, Silverlight, WinForms, or whatever -- we'll still support you." Remind me again what big improvements are coming down the pipe for WPF in .NET 4.5?

    In the forums you pointed out, there is no place to post questions or issues about how our LOB apps written on these pre-Metro platforms will work on Windows 8. Case in point: it appears that all request for web pages (i.e. links embedded in documents in Word) are fulfilled by Metro IE. If the link was intended to take you to a video you are SOL since Metro IE doesn't support Flash and Silverlight video. It feels like Microsoft is assuming it's dominance with Windows will force people to convert their video to HTML5 standards (I'm sure Apple is just loving that strategy).

    Look (with an open mind) at your forums for Windows 8. It's all about Metro...