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    @DeathByVisualStudio:  "It's all rich media, games, and fart apps for Windows 8. Maybe I'm just ignorant but it seem like Microsoft has little to say to the LOB app developer other than to say "just keep on using WPF, Silverlight, WinForms, or whatever -- we'll still support you." Remind me again what big improvements are coming down the pipe for WPF in .NET 4.5?"

    I do industrial/military software and did not hear much about embedded windows 8.   The only thing that will help me greatly is fast boot times (huge in embedded control systems) and more use of touch screens which helps develop custom user interfaces.  We develop single function apps that take over your pc and just run. I dont want or need a Metro start screen but I could try to get creative in using it as a Control System launch point.  I do apps like a point of sales terminal but for factories and naval ships, etc.   I am not in the silverlight camp (although I was hoping it would succeed) but I do use C# and .NET and I am glad that is progressing.  

    The tablet is cool but I love those new laptops from samsung (thin and light) and would trade my tablet anyday for one of those puppies.. 

    To sum it up Build was about tablets and some new windows runtimes which help secure windows. Anders C# talk was still the best and I see this area still going strong even if .NET morphs into Windows runtime.