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    8 hours ago, Ian2 wrote

    I guess there will be 2 hardware camps for some time to come (traditional PC and new style slate/touch devices) and I do have concerns that MS is trying to cover both with one product. (for most users this is going to result in a lot of confusion)

    The actual release should maybe market the same product (Win8) targetted/focussed on the different hardware devices: Phone*, Slate, PC etc.)?

    See I disagree that there as the industry moves forward that there are two distinct hardware camps. For example touch screen labtops, the ablity to dock devices such as tablets (and phones) calls for the ablity to support both tradional desktop apps and touch screen based apps.


    Given that I was disapointed by the lack of information regarding the use of WinRt on the desktop and if there is any support for applications that present users both a metro based interface, and a wpf interface depending on the context the application is running in.