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    ,Charles wrote

    So, what do you think about what you've learned about the future of our platform (and are undoubtedly still learning given the sheer number ofsessions available from BUILD)? Have you had a chance to download the Developer Preview technologies?

    Speak up. For Windows 8 feedback and questions, go here: ( Pretty impressive who's monitoring the threads there Smiley )



    well first i will say that this month i am moving accross town and that plus work and stuff has left me very little time to watch the sessions. so if i am missing something this may be why.


    1)  Metro, start menu and all, we should have the option for the classic start menu if we want it. not sure if the dev preview just does not have the option showing or what but right now the switch is a pain to go back and forth.

    2) WInRT / Win32 / .Net  still seems like a *LOT* of confusion on how this will play out.  what i *HOPE* the long term story will go like is that WinRT is the start of the eventual replacement of WIn32 and other really really old bits and that .Net will some day just call WinRT and we can move on.

    3) Silverlight / WPF and RIA Services:   will RIA move to a place where it supports non -silverlight applications with the kind of tooling that we have for Silverlight now?  Will RIA move forward to work with Metro style apps and the new .Net 4.5 framework ?  not all data can / will be in Azure in the next 5 years.

    4) GUI design standards: I sent in a tweet but there was not room to really explain this in full.  really i need to expand from just the GUI to windows as a whole:

    Mr. C one of the things that has made the Mac / iPhone / iPad so popular that Microsoft has not really IMHO taken to heart and done the right work on yet is pushing the QUALITY of Apps and Drivers and Utilities.

    This is *NOT* a simple easy thing to take on, i will say that right now i know it's hard.

    but many of the things that kills the users windows exp.  is stuff like this:

    not all the control panel applets have icons that match.

    not all apps use the same visuals / layouts for dialog styles menus etc...

    drivers that bring down the system.

    applications that fail to follow the windows guidelines for stuff like where they put files in the filesystem.

    the list goes on .... that's just the first few things i can name off.

    it's the pain of a thousand tiny cuts adding up to the point where you just want to stop and go elsewhere.

    Win8 and Metro are a good try at making some needed changes.  I really do hope that WinDiv will keep pushing to do more.

    #1 I think is just a preview thing.

    but 2,3 and 4 I think are things that we need to get a better story about.

    I know that some things just can not be done in the next revision, but we should get a community roadmap where developers, designers  and microsoft can colaberate on what the priorities are.