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    @Charles:   I haven't had a chance to install Windows 8, but I'm excited about giving it a try as soon as I have some downtime from QFEs.  I am looking forward to the changes in Windows, especially WinRT.  Everyone at work that I've spoken to, are all pretty excited about Windows 8 for various reasons.

    I've been using Dev11 for a couple of weeks and I like a lot of the new features.  Unfortunetely, my ancient C++ projects I have to work on for these QFEs are not immediately convertable to Dev11, or even VS2010, so I've been talking about migrating the C++ to "modern C++" instead of just fixing bugs (but they won't let me do it, yet).  I think migrating the legacy C++ would be a great idea if we just can schedule in the time; how nice it would be to get rid of most of the now unneccessary memory management which is the cause of most of the bugs I've seen in our code.

    The GPU debugger and the other DirectX tools are a nice surprise and I wish I had some reason to use it; I will be giving it a try on my free time, eventually. Wink

    I've been tracking Roslyn for a long time now, and because I have source control access to Roslyn, so I knew that it wasn't ready for BUILD but was still being worked on right up to BUILD.  I was a bit dissappointed that it didn't make it into the Dev11 preview, but I am glad to hear it should be ready in the coming months.

    The F# 3.0 type convertors look great.  I'm excited to see that, and hope the concept makes it into the rest of the .NET languages, ASAP.  I gave it a quick try against a database, just for kicks.  Super easy.

    XAML for C++ ... great! 

    I'll have more feedback for sure when I get Windows 8 installed.  First, I have to get a new SSD for it.