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View Thread: What does LCD induced eye strain and baby blindness have in common?
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    I use f.lux to alter the colour temperature or my monitor when under artificial lighting. It's fantastic software and I can't recommend it enough: 

    I always throught LCD induced eyestrain was primarily a result of low resolution (compared to printed work/the eye's "native" resolution) and people having the brightness up too high, rather than backlight type.

    I also agree with what's been said above about default brightness settings - When working in the evening I keep both my monitor and my laptop right down (and even then I find the monitor too bright). In the daytime I have to turn the laptop up a bit because the glossy screen is just useless. I keep the monitor brightness down though and it's about right. 

    (As a general rule I find my monitor (LED) to be far nicer to look at than my laptop (CCFL), but that's probably more to do with the matte screen and higher resolution on my monitor than the backlight type.