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View Thread: What does LCD induced eye strain and baby blindness have in common?
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    I still have the CCFL sensitivity but it's possible that by adding suitable filters these may become less bothering since I've found the dimmer and thickly plastic covered bathroom CCFL at home doesn't seem to do much - the more cold/blue/white tint covered CCFL's at the kitchen seem perhaps more annoying but hard to say for sure as I rarely use them.

    I had some annoying symptoms at the time of posting the OP which led to researching many things including the one I mentioned in the OP. I've since resolved the issues mostly since I can read text from a CRT with sun glasses for full day again without strain (well, 10-12 hours in there starts to be some) but since the symptoms were really bad when I posted the OP I went to try everything and got the symptoms under control in couple weeks but I don't want to go into speculative detail. short list of changes I did were: took anti-histamins, stopped some vitamins I was taking, changed diet considerably, did daily hour long eye focusing practises (short to long distance), spent more time outdoors at the beginning of the day and of course wear sun glasses a lot when staring direct to any light sources.

    When the symptoms were their worst I found that different LCD displays ranged from very quickly aggravating (within minutes) or not aggravating at all. I don't want to speculate more about this issue however. I came across similar anecdotes that people who had tried large number of LCDs found some preferable over others but there wasn't really any clear pattern to the specifications of the LCDs - without bunch of measurement equipment, large variety of displays  and very sensitive people it would be difficult to get to the bottom of this. Fact: Some sounds are very annoying and some are pleasing (for me, I know there's people who aren't anywhere as bothered). I don't think it's a stretch to say that this may as well apply to light spectra. (again, some will be bothered/sensitive and others not)