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What happend to Line of Business Apps at MIX11

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    Just got thru watching the Key Notes and John Papa's demo at MIX11 - not a word about Silverlight as the platform for RIA Line of Business Apps.  What gives?  I've invested a lot of time ramping up to use Silverlight for my LOB development.  Will there be a Silverlight 6/7/8??

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    We are in the same spot and I'm getting the same questions from managment if we've made the right decision for going with SL.  We have a large LOB app that we're rolling out - it seems like SL has a future, but most things new we're seeing is for HTML5.  I hope MS keeps SL development at the forefront.   v5 very looks promising.

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    With stuff like LightSwitch being built on Silverlight, I think it's safe to say that LOB has a long future with Silverlight. I really wouldn't be afraid of using Silverlight for whatever you can come up with.

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