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What if IE9.....?

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    Reading someone's comment on IE9 and he is asking for ribbon IE9. For some reason I didn't like the idea before, but, when I reply, it suddly hits me. Why not? Ribbon is probably the better solution. While the ribbon takes more spaces upfront, but, it is capable of handling additional toolbars without extra spaces.

    You know, in the Home tab, have address bar, search bar, print, zoom, and so on. And you can have a ribbon for search text. A ribbon for those 3rd party stuff. Favorites will probably have it at title level, like those save + redo + undo buttons in Excel and Paint. The ribbon probably can be less height than traditional ribbon, to save some spaces.

    I think it is probably better this way. I hope someone willing to go thru the trouble and make one to demo it.

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    I'd really quite like to see a backstage view like the office 2010 apps, don't really care much for the idea of ribbon in IE, to distracting from the page contents.

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    Ribbons with 2 or 3 controls on each tab are pointless.

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    Ribbons are good for applications like Word, where you are constantly interacting with buttons and toolbars, and need them available. In IE, you use maybe 2-3 buttons tops, and all the rest are rarely used (Print, Options, etc), so it makes sense to hide them. Personally, I think additional toolbars in browsers should be discouraged, not encouraged: they are almost universally bloated and useless, replicating built-in functionality and adding dozens of buttons for no reason.

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    Michael Butler

    The Fluid UI experience is fine when you are interacting with information in a contextual manner, but for browsing I don't think there are enough "tasks" to perform on a browser window to justify the extra space required by a Ribbon bar. The minimalist approach by IE9 seems to be better suited for modern day web-browsing.

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    @magicalclick:Ribbon in IE would be like the ribbon is in Paint: pointless and space-hogging.

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    Maddus Mattus

    forget the ribbon!

    give me a bigger adress bar,.. I cant develop like this!

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    I like the ribbon interface but I don't think I would be a fan of it during my browsing experience.  It is visually too loud and counter to what the IE9 UI is striving to do.  It may be a interesting concept, if sites could enable/leverage it similiar to how you are able to enable taskbar Pinned Sites.  However, I think Microsoft has bigger fish to fry.  The UI, especially Favorites, needs to be more touch friendly.  I personally think they should implement Favorites UI along the lines of the New Tab UI.  Another pressing issue with the taskbar Pinned Sites is that the Windows Taskbar isn't adequate to handle a larger number of pinned icons.  Yes, you can grow the taskbar or use the scroller but that is far from ideal.  Also, I like to sync my favorites (currently using Windows Live Sync) and I'm not sure what Microsoft's plans are, if any, to sync Pinned Sites.

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    Maddus Mattus

    @Maddus Mattus:You know Maddus, you can acutally use a slider to make your address bar bigger?

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