, DeathByVisualStudio wrote

LOL Andy. Caught playing Microsoft Apologist again I see.

If you don't want a Microsoft view point, why do you even come here?

And on another note it looks like VLC is Microsoft's official answer to the problem they created based on this tweet from Building Windows 8 twitter account.

Microsoft likes VLC. In fact, they funded their Windows 7 compatability program participation (http://www.zdnet.com/blog/bott/is-it-time-for-apple-to-face-an-antitrust-investigation/1593?tag=content;siu-container).

Unfortunately, Microsoft in US, and hence must pay several dollars per licence for DVD integration that most people don't use. Whereas VLC is french, and doesn't have to as per french law.

Hence, encouraging users to use VLC instead of having built in DVD playback makes Windows cheaper for customers.

Why do you not like this?