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What is Live ID?

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    I've had a Hotmail account for many years now.  I thought that was my Live ID.  Recently I was asked to provide my Live ID, and I gave the person my Hotmail email account.  He said, "No, give me your Live ID."  Huh?  Aren't they the same?  Or is it the case that one's Live ID may have a Hotmail account associated with it?  Perhaps more than 1 Hotmail account?  Maybe other email accounts that aren't Hotmail accounts?


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    They are the same.

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    Sven Groot

    To be pedantic: every hotmail account is a Live ID, but not every Live ID is a hotmail account (I have a Live ID on another e-mail address and don't use Hotmail).

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    They also at one stage stopped you using email accounts (other than MS supplied) to log in to this site.  This is the reason why I am now Ian2 but I am pretty sure that this has now been recinded.

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    Yep, through the magic of 'in private browsing' here is the old me.  Damn, that is one scary picture ...

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    Make sure it is a legilimate website, not some phishing site.

    If you are doing to C9 or MSDN forums or Microsoft Answers or etc, you need to "register" with your liveID. You cannot use liveID to login right away untill you are registered using your liveID.

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    @Sven Groot: Thank you, all, for your input.

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    Live ID is what Microsoft is calling Passport this week.

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