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    So I finally got hold of an Leap Motion yesterday and played with it for an hour or two (all I had available). 

    My initial thoughts are that it does what is says on the tin and is pretty good at doing it to boot.

    But ....

    To me this kind of interaction is crying out for its own Operating System UI - which I don't believe is a logical progression from where we are today (with Windows 8 or Unix derivative UI's).

    I have an idea what this might be but have struggled to put it down on paper:

    Watch the video in the link above and then the following will maybe make more sense


    To me it seems like our hands and arms will become 'virtually extended' such that they exist behind the screen within a 3 dimensional (stereoscopic) plain. 

    A new set of Applications need to be developed that exist within this 3d plain and are designed for interaction by our (virtual) hands and fingers. (Noting that most interaction will probably take place with minimal movement by our fingers).

    I believe that this will feel very natural, perhaps in the same way that a car becomes an extension of our bodies when we drive?

    I guess audio commands/feedback and some kind of tactile feedback to our fingers might also play a part?


    10 years time?


    And before someone says 'Minority Report' I would say yes - but that was an Application designed to locate and view documents (if memory serves) - but there must be plenty of other functional uses for this style of interface?