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What is the Higgs Boson?

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  • JoshRoss

    I might put a couple of these big think videos in the coffee house so we won't go crazy talking about the downfall of Windows.

    This seems like a good explanation of what the thing is. I can't say that I have a good grasp on the subject, but I understood that the Higgs plays a crucial role with mass.


  • bondsbw

    Very good.  And based on this, I have a new theory.  The theory of the Internet Boson.

    A general Internet user has a normal Internet-mass, browsing websites and viewing and occasionally commenting on various blogs, posts, and other media.  But a troll... a troll then must have a large Internet-mass.  The troll sinks into and must interact with every conversation, causing ripples in the Internet-medium.  There must be some kind of Internet Boson that gives the troll his large Internet-mass.

  • JoshRoss

    @bondsbw: Or the Lime Boson. Someone that has a completely unusable PC with limewire, a few hundred mp3s, and every conceivable virus ever compiled.


  • evildictait​or

    A Higgs boson walks into church.

    Priest says "Hey! You're a boson. Church is only for people!"

    Higgs boson says back "Don't be ridiculous! Without me you can't even have mass!"

  • DaveWill2

    @evildictaitor: I laughed. Even though that one, told on the playground, will probably get you beat up by the jocks. Smiley

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