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What is the argument for upsizing my Dev Area?

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  • Ian2

    At the moment I am able to happily sit on my comfy chair at home with a laptop on my lap coding Windows Phone (and latterly WinRT Apps) quite happily.

    That said I am looking at a couple of options to expand things a little (my gut feeling is that more desktop space has to be a good thing).

    First option is to use an Intel Wireless Display out to my TV - nice as it means I can stay put in my comfy chair

    Second option is set up a couple of 24" monitors and go all out for tearing off various Visual Studio Windows and spreading them around a bit. (This would require me moving into the study, probably where I should be anyway)

    So I guess my question is how much of an improvement, in terms of productivity, is going multi monitor (ie the latter) option likely to be? 

    Appreciating that this is like a 'how long is a piece of string' questions but what do you guys think?

  • davewill

    Given how developers must weave things together and long gone are the days when 3 functions in main() made up the program (all visible on the same screen) ... multi-monitor is a must.  At least two.  Three is even better.  More than three, i dunno.

    Measuring the productivity gain may be tough if you can't expect to measure in the future under a similar work type as you would measure today (i.e. 2 months from now you might be working on something totally different from your current projects).

    I like to think of multi-monitor as akin to cutting my yard.  Basic lawnmower versus semi-pro mower.  Both get the job done.  I won't cut the grass more than once a week even if I own the semi-pro mower.  However, when a grass cutting day rolls around where I really need to get it cut and have more time for something else, then the semi-pro pays dividends.

  • blowdart

    Move to the study. And a sensible chair. Your back will thank you.

    The problem I have right now is two monitors aren't enough any more...

  • PaoloM

    Lately I moved to a largely command line + VS based dev environment on my 11" ultrabook.

    YMMV Smiley

  • spivonious

    I have two monitors at work, but I only use the second one for Outlook. I have trouble staying focused if too many things are going on at once. Occasionally I'll grab a tab out of VS to the second monitor, but it's only there temporarily. It's not like I can type in two files at once.

  • Dr Herbie

    I use a second monitor at work for all the non-code windows in VS -- like output, solution explorer, find symbol results, etc.

    This leaves one whole screen for code.


  • kettch

    , Dr Herbie wrote

    I use a second monitor at work for all the non-code windows in VS -- like output, solution explorer, find symbol results, etc.

    This leaves one whole screen for code.


    I do this, including separate layouts for design mode and debug. I have no flyout panels in the main window except for stuff I don't access a lot like errors and pending changes.

    The thirs monitor to the left is for documentation, browsers and anything applications supporting the current task.

  • 123tax

    Although having multiple monitors an a powerful pc is the ultimate win in theory, I find that I am more creative with a laptop on a comfy seat.

  • WhatDoYou​Mean

    640x pixels should be enough for everyone. Tongue Out

  • Ian2

    Thanks for the feedback, I think I am sold on the comfy chair / laptop + "Intel Widi to my Big TV" option. 


    Best of both words?

  • JoshRoss

    I find that a big whiteboard makes for a nice addition to a work area.

  • Ian2

    Now using a Sony VPCSE Vaio linked to my 'big TV' via WIDI - loving the setup. 

    Now if Widi would only work with the Win8 preview ..... (it doesn't)

  • Harlequin

    I remember an interview with a guy that does lots of startups, and he said for companies to get the cheapest desks they could find...but spend good money on nice chairs.

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