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    Consumers today expect to have an ecosystem of services with their devices/PCs. While I completely understand that people want to choose their ecosystem independently from their OS, Microsoft, Apple, and Google cannot afford not to have a compelling and complete offer for consumers.

    So what makes an ecosystem complete for you? Should all tech giants compete with Netflix, Spotify and the like? How about eBooks?

    I think the following is the minimum a consumer has come to expect:

    1. email, contacts, and calendar
    2. cloud storage synched locally
    3. online document editing

    What I don't know if they should be included are music, video, and eBooks stores. Does it really make sense to compete with other specialized services?

    What should be included, but is currently not available in a satisfactory way is a decent management system (online and offline, with apps AND more full featured old-school desktop programs) for otherwise purchased media such as music, video, eBooks, etc. Sure Apple has iTunes Match, Xbox has something similar, but I want to store on the cloud my files and make these available to my devices, with the bitrate and format of my choosing.