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What site is the build conference being streamed at

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    Haha!  Julie REALLY wanted Steven to skip the Bing demo.  Wonder what's broken in there.


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    The IE demo was a little embarrassing.

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    The new UI reminds me of Ubuntu Unity. It's probably better done though. Tongue Out

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    I jut sat through the keynote.


    • Some things genuinely impress me: the work been done to further reduce Windows' footprint.
    • Some things concern me: the pervasiveness of the "metro" style in non-Metro apps just doesn't work (e.g. the new task manager)
    • Some things prompt the cynic in me: note how cmd.exe reported itself as "NT 6.2"

    I'll also say that I'm not a fan of the current Aero style. I know they want to make the UI more touch-friendly and to make it different from Vista and 7's look, but I don't think a centred and unnecessarily large titlebar font size is the way forward. The sharp edges don't work too well either. The whole Aero thing needs to be improved further in general.


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    i think the most impactful thing is the app contracts that enable apps to appear in various places around the OS. no other OS on desktop or even phones really take that concept that far

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