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What term do you use when searching for Windows 8 Store apps?

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    This is a really simple question - what term do you use to get the best result when searching for developer information about Windows 8 Store APIs? I've tried the following, but sometimes, I don't get relevant results.

    • Windows Store ...
    • WinRT ...
    • Windows 8 ...
    • Modern ...

    I have the feeling that my searches were more straightforward when look for information related to Silverlight, WPF or ASP.NET, probably because those are 'dev-centric' keywords and the search result don't get intermixed with 'consumer-centric' resources.

    So is there a better keyword to put in the beginning of my queries?


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    The APIs are called WinRT APIs.

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    @tobleroneisbest: Either "Windows Store" or "Windows 8" seems to work fine for me. Just make sure you quote your search terms properly.

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    I usually start all my searches with "WinRT Xaml" lately(no quotes)...main reason is you get a LOT of WFP stuff back if you just search for Xaml.

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    Dr Herbie

    Another vote for WinRT as the leading keyword.


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    What sucks though is the MSDN forums are to the point where you don't get answers for maybe a few days. Was nice back in the dev and consumer preview days, you could get an answer in there in an hour it was so quiet Smiley

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    I think Windows 8 works just fine for general app development questions. WinRT tends to bring up stuff related specifically to the API.

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