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    I'm thinking of applying for a job and I'd like to use my social network to ensure that if I apply, that at least my resume will make it through to consideration.  It's the kind of job you want so bad that it's like asking the hottest girl in the room to dance.  Yet, I don't want to impose upon those friends I know mainly online and maybe met a couple of times, and respect and look up to and all that, but not so well I feel that just sending them an email showing interest and asking about a job would be taking advantage of our relationship.   I also don't want my main social network to find out about the job search, lest my coworkers and employer finds out.  If I apply and fail, I'll probably be pretty depressed for a while and every other job will be like dancing with what's left over after last call.  I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else has any advice, words of wisdom ... an algorithm would be nice.