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View Thread: What went wrong with the Flight "sim" genre from mass market perspective
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    @kettch: When the gameplay isn't really exciting/awesome/fun or lacks depth to begin with then there's need to dumb it down in order to appeal to atleast someone. The best games, like Another World, could be very short, incredibly difficult involving lot of dying/starting over, yet keep you wanting for more. Trackmania reminded me a lot of that, I wasn't much into driving games that had come before (F1GP, Nascar, that's about it).

    (Some trackmania fun, skip to 1:45 for the kind of stuff I like - after a year of play I can now do such map with relative ease. For real driving pros there's so called "tech" tracks where different type of steering/braking techniques are required to get through curves at such speed that the resulting speed is enough to keep you on the track when there's loops and jumps)

     PS. Trackmania is free to play and most all tracks are found with recorded playthroughs to learn from here