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View Thread: What went wrong with the Flight "sim" genre from mass market perspective
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    Maybe I was not clear enough or you didn't quite read it thoroughly. This thread is not about flight sims. It's about action/shooters where flight is a would be primary element instead of infantry but not to the exclusion of infantry and tanks etc.

    Essentially Battlefield multiplayer re-thought rules wise. The flying part is actually simple like I said - I haven't seen anyone not able to fly a plane in Battlefield - it was only the helicopter that was real challenge - but with obvious advantages over the planes - taking some time to learn to hover and not drop like a rock had *rewards that made it worth to learn*. That's really key. The flying pilot should be really overpowered over anything else on the battlefield - and the game rules need to be adapted so that this can be true but not make the game play for ground forces excessively tedious like it does using Battlefield game rules.


    Desert Combat was quite close, with few adjustments it could have been total mayhem and be still popular. Instead the DC developers went to the direction this thread is about - they wanted more balance and maybe even realism. The community died quick after these patches and BF2 was final nail in the coffin but many did not move to BF2 due to it going further in poor direction.