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What's Channel 9 at 9?

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    It's going on 9 years of 9. This is a singularity. 9.

    What's going on? What's on your minds? What's Channel 9 at 9?


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    A surprisingly large number of long-standing forum members who were students and independent devs all those years ago have found themselves to be actual employees of Microsoft, thus fulfilling the prophecy from the old Wiki[1] - some of them haven't been seen here for a while though.

    • Zeo
    • PaoloM
    • Maurits
    • JKelly
    • Adam Kinney
    • Erik / HumanCompiler

    and more recently:

    • Barry / Blowdart
    • Ion Todirel
    • Christian / Littleguru
    • Sven Groot (we hope!)



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    I have run the gamut between being an independent dev. and an unemployed independent dev but one constant source of support during good times and bad has been this site.  My thanks to all at Ch9 and happy anniversary!

    And yes, I have also seen explosive growth in my eyebrows over the last nine years.

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    @Ian2:Oh wait, they were pretty bad even back then ....

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    Deactivated User

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    @Charles: Here's to the next 9.

    No doubt that I am a better developer for being here. Still enjoy the content (like the latest "Actor" going deep)

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    The interviews are much better now. Thanks Charles for your time.


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    When I joined Channel 9, I was just leaving my first job. I've since had two other jobs, and I worked at the third one for four to five years until I just couldn't take it anymore and felt like I'd go insane if I had to work on one more soul-crushing web application. So eventually I just got up and quit my job, did nothing for a very long time, worked independently for a little while, hemorrhaged a lot of money and had the time of my life throughout the whole thing.

    When my savings were just about running out and I faced going back to some terrible company writing CRM or payroll software, I found a job developing storytelling tools on multitouch tables, walls and whatever else we can think of for museums, libraries, etc. It's basically everything I've been doing as a hobby and what I was hoping to do independently, only with more means, and a steady paycheck. I got hired a day after showing them some of the Kinect and Windows 8 stuff I had done, both of which I wouldn't have done or been able to do if it wasn't for Channel 9. So in a roundabout way, Channel 9 landed me the first job I've ever had that I actually love doing. Knowing my attitude towards work, I think that's incredible.

    Channel 9 also blew me away when they flew a bunch of us to Las Vegas for Mix 11, which is something that to this day I still can't believe actually happened. I had an amazing time there, learned a lot, and met some great people. Also I jumped off an 850 foot tower.

    I've got a lot to thank Channel 9 for, and frankly I have no idea how to give something back. If I ever figure it out, I will, but until then: thanks for everything guys, and I hope the next nine years will be even better for you guys than the past. You guys rock.

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    Channel 9, InfoQ and LtU top my list of sites to regularly visit for interesting content; videos and articles.

    Best aspects of Channel 9?

    • Expert-to-Expert, Going Deep and various interviews with passionate, intelligent developers about great new software and hardware
    • Time-travel towards next-generation technologies from Microsoft Research
    • Stimulating conversations with interesting residents like Beckman, Meijer, Osterman, Sutter
    • Conference coverage and live interviews
    • Tips and tricks on existing stacks (Web, desktop, ...) and tools
    • Occasional great topics on the forum (from felix9 and others)

    Not nine points, but the six points I hope will continue.

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    @Zeo: you work at imaginets? Crazy... Joel Semeniuk (founder of that company) and I were roommates back in college.

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    Sven Groot

    I first saw Channel 9 on the day it first launched (I think I knew about it via Rory's blog), but didn't actually join until about a year later. Hanging around on tech-related forums wasn't new for me (I used to be a regular on comp.lang.c++, among others), but I don't think there's any other community that I've ever been even remotely as involved in as this one.

    Since that time, I've gotten a M.Sc., a Ph.D., I've appeared in a few C9 videos, and like Bas am still astounded that they invited a bunch of us over for MIX11 (though I didn't jump off any towers... when did that happen? Scared ).

    Channel 9 replaced the image of a faceless company with the image of the people who work there. And I might even join those people, now... again thanks to C9. Big Smile

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    Let's keep it framed on 9. How about putting a new theme for Windows Blue (or Win9).

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    , Sven Groot wrote

    (though I didn't jump off any towers... when did that happen? Scared ).


    I just did that on my own the day I arrived, before everything kicked off. Although, again, if it wasn't for C9 flying us to Mix, that wouldn't have happened.

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    Sven Groot

    @Bas: Ah, I see. I went to see the Grand Canyon that day. In the snow. Big Smile

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    I love how fake that picture looks, even though I know it's real. Smiley

    I wish I had realised how feasible it was to go to the Grand Canyon and back in a day. I probably would've gone to see it too. Ah well.


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    maybe its time to compose a collection of good old shows and rebroadcast them, bests of all time ! Big Smile

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    @exoteric: oh ! feel honored, thank you ! and these days there are fewer things for me to report because of all the secrecy ...... sigh.

    the good news is, according to those MVPs attended the Summit, there will be lots of good stuff coming in the short future, so this is the real 'singularity' time, get excited. Angel

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