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    Yes I am a long time niner.

    I was a FTE employee at Microsoft for 5 years. Since 2010 I have moved to a smaller, leaner, faster, company working on Application Lifecycle Management (

    I still check 9 regularly and I hope the nine team continues the great work.

    I just miss the unscripted days of Robert Scoble and Rory.

    I'd love to just have the nine crew hit up internal events and interview employees UNSCRIPTED/UNEDITED and show the real, passionate, people work at Microsoft in many different areas and locations.

    I like the live feeds...but I'd love just to watch "Jay Leno Jay Walking" content such as asking employees when they get out of their cars, "What are you thoughts about the death of Silverlight? What makes you want to make the next xbox?", and then hear the lower levels explain their actual views. Would be fun...and again it would follow the original charter behind why Len created channel 9. 

    Again keep up the great technical content but I'd love to see more human stories...