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View Thread: What’s good for Silicon Valley might not be good for America
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    @Bass: what? There aren't enough days in the week or hours in a day. I'm watching a hockey game right now, not flipping dimes against a barn door (because I can't work cattle or crops in the dark) as would be the case in my lifetime without technology. The article writer uses retail as a metric. When is the last time you heard somebody say they love working retail? Okay, I know a few too and an interaction with a human is far better than hitting F8 and being dispensed a pair of Levi's from a vending machine. Ultimately it comes down to people making a point with their wallet by spending a little more to reward companies using humans and not machines. Will that happen? Beats me. The growth of the Wal-Marts and ATMs at closed banks of the world say no. However, the recent correction regarding outsourced customer phone support says it is possible. A lot of companies complain of not finding the right people for the job they need done. When faced with that, sure they would rather have a tech replacement. They can specify what they want and how it must perform and know that it will day in and out. We as humans just need to get off our lazy butts and be better. But not until this hockey game is over Smiley