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View Thread: Windows 7(8) Tablet Edition for ARM ????
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    , brian.​shapiro wrote


    We're also not just talking about single types of devices, but for instance, some people in the future might want to use, desktop computers with touch capacitive screens for certain purposes like illustration, in order to not have to buy a new device for it. A laptop with a touch capacitive screen will just be the counterpart to that.

    It is a good idea to make it applicable to all types of devices imaginable.
    It'd become too big of a project.

    Look what Apple did with iPad.
     It has a limited feature set, but its sole purpose an easy-to-use device suited for everybody.
    1. Grandma to send email
    2. Corporate Executives can use it as a device on-the-go with custom built applications
    3. Kids to play games with

    Sure it doesn't replace the laptop or desktop, but it does really well for what it is designed to.


    So I think Microsoft needs to
    1. think of must-have-kick-* features.
    2. worry less about backward compatibility  -- otherwise, it definitely can slow down the innovation
    3. don't be too closed like iPad (e.g., not having a USB port), but don't go overboard
        e.,g OMG  WE  HAVE  5 USB PORTS !!!
    4. spend a bit more on Device Form Factor + esthetics like Apple.

    In short....Microsoft needs to learn to go the minimalist approach like Apple.


    Otherwise, I feel like Microsoft brand is becoming too rigid (same old same thing) with today's younger generation of people.