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View Thread: Windows 7(8) Tablet Edition for ARM ????
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    I have said this before and I'm going to say it again.

    Windows' full-OS UI is not suitable for a touch screen device like an iPad. It is clunky.
    Microsoft needs Surface or Courier like UI to compete with the iOS.


    Here is what I'm afraid of i.e., the route which Microsoft will take that will spell failure (or) half-* attempt.

    Devices like HP Slate are crap.
    They are just another one of those iPad wanna-bes and fail miserably.


    I just hope that Microsoft doesn't go the Microsoft Kin route with this touch screen tablet market.
    That would spell a half * lame attempt and will fail and ruin its chance to get into the market.

    People expect a lot better quality and polished product since Apple has raised the bar for tablet devices.


    I am NOT an Apple fanboi in case you are wondering.
    I only have an iPhone, but I don't plan to buy an iPad.

    If iPad 2.0 is any better and can be used almost as a laptop-PC replacement, I'd consider buying an iPad.