If you want x86, why would you buy at a premium a device with a 10 inch display, when you could just buy an Ultrabook for less with far more power and a bigger screen? Look what you get for $850:



An i7 device with 6.5-hour battery life, 128GB (240?) SSD and 13" screen. Why the heck is a Surface Pro needed when you can get one of these for far less? The Surface Pro will cost $900 for the 64GB disk version WITHOUT keyboard! If you want to reach the specs of these babies you need to get the 128GB SSD version of the Surface - that's $999. Then you need the TypeCover - $129. That's $1130 for way less power, less mobility for productivity actually (you can't really write on your lap with the kickstand), and less screen.

I am not exactly a big fan of the RT version, but given the competition, the Pro is even more redundant.