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View Thread: What's your favorite Win8 UI modification software?
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    @dentaku: The Start Menu is a case of "move a mouse pointer into a corner and things swish out". There's really two issues, from a UX POV, with what they did.

    1. There's no visual cues or affordance.

    2. The hit area, in some cases, is simply too small. Fitt's law is great, but it doesn't work reliably here. Remote sessions means the UI could be windowed and there won't be an infinite virtual space to try and hit, and the same sort of issue occurs with multiple monitors.

    Like I said, there are problems with what Microsoft did. I'm not trying to be an apologist. They need to fix this. It doesn't mean they have to through the Win8 concepts out and go back to the Win7 way of doing things. Providing the ability to optionally behave like Win7 isn't really addressing the problem, and isn't what they should do.