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View Thread: What's your favorite Win8 UI modification software?
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    I know some of you have installed special software to transform the Win8 interface to function more like Win7.

    What are your favorite ones? Stuff that makes the PC boot directly to the desktop, turns off anything that swishes out of the sides and corners of the screen and maybe even gives you a Start Menu and a real shutdown button that's easy to find.

    I don't particularly mind the Start Menu because at least it's customizable and live tiles are a good concept BUT there are other things that are just less efficient especially when you're using a mouse. It's not just people being afraid of new things, it's taken quite a while for businesses to upgrade to Win7 and I don't see them ever upgrading to Win8 until they have the ability to modify the interface to something acceptable for a non-touch computer.
    The whole separation of Modern UI apps and settings and Desktop apps and settings is also jarring.