Naruto - outcast ninja trying to fit in

Naruto Shippuden - Naruto all grow'd up, the writing is impeccable

Bleach - Death gods society. Wish they concentrate more on earth though

Death Note - So high concept, so smart

Mushi-shi - it's pokemon, but the art style is so good

Full Metal Alchemist - really good actions

Dragon Ball (not Z) - Sci-fi Monkey's Tale. Who wouldn't love that?

InuYasha (& Final Act) - Demons, big swords, school girls, nuf said?

Robotech - What boy's mind wouldn't be blown by transforming robots?

Cowboy Bebop - Friggin' cowboys in friggin' spaaaaace

Case Closed - Murder mysteries... for kids lol

Akira - Love the neo-punks

Pricess Mononoke - Great animations from the master