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View Thread: Whats your favorite anime?
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    ,Minh wrote

    Princess Mononoke - Great animations from the master 

    Excellent movie. Pretty much every Studio Ghibli production is worth seeing.

    ,Sven Groot wrote

    Love Hina - pretty girls and lots and lots of physical violence at the expense of the protagonist; what's not to like? Plus I get to go "ooh, I know where that is" in all the episodes set at Tokyo University

    My wife's roommate in college was big into that one. I enjoyed the pretty girls and the humor. Cool

    My wife also likes Fruits Basket, fun teen romance/comedy.


    @AniRec- I'm amazed that you haven't seen Akira. It's still my favorite sci-fi anime.

    Most recently, I've been watching Angel Beats. First few episodes were nothing special, but it's starting to get good.

    Demon King Daimao seemed interesting until the girls' skirts kept flying up or getting torn off. Sadly this is probably 80% of anime I've tried in the past few years.

    The last series I watched was Planet of the Beast King. Really cool idea, entertaining storyline, and then super-rushed in the last 3-4 episodes. It was 11 episodes and could have easily been 20 and had better pacing.