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    I really don't see the problem people have with Windows 8 honestly I'm getting fed up with every "analyst" bashing Windows 8 as being unusable and confusing.

    Yes Microsoft has introduced a touch interface on top of their desktop but for my personal everyday use this acts as a fancy start menu, it really doesn't bother me at all.

    Do I use the "Metro" interface? Not really, but then again it wasn't designed for my traditional use, it was designed to bridge the gap to touch interface devices like tablets.

    As a UI interface on it's own "Metro" isnt all that bad I mean it works great on Windows Phone and works fine on a touch enabled desktop, I really don't see why people are getting confused here.

    Now the confusing part comes with the RT version, I really think Microsoft HAD to act and build a ARM version of the OS.  I really don't think it will be around for long as Intel will eventually catch up and everyone will forget about this ARM thing (just my opinion).

    I think Windows 8 is a great OS just as good as Windows 7 if not better. The Metro Start Menu doesn't bother me or get in my way and I appreciate the need for a touch enabled interface.

    To be honest I think as an engineering feat MS should be applauded for taking the bold step and creating a full fledged version of Windows on ARM, bringing the Metro interface to the desktop, 

    When was the last significant update to OSX or iOS that took a step to push the boundaries and move software forward?

    It's been years since Apple innovated with software, all these "analysts" predicting the downfall of MS due to Windows 8 MUST be on another planet to me.