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    If you count Windows versions from 1.0 to 98, then add that count to the Modern UI version, giving atleast say a year for each version, we might be closer to when the Modern UI is actually usable. 

    Making the Modern UI as "in your face" for desktop users at its "v1 stage" was a big mistake. I support the idea of a tablet/laptop hybrid that can also easily hook to larger monitors but this is comparable to making computers boot to Win 1.0 and then needing to exit that in order to use the apps you really want to use, and do this crap until Windows 98 came around.

    My hope is that most people are smarter than to install Win 8 even if they got it free, as that will send a clear signal that the bean counters will understand. Yes. I would not even install Win 8 if you gave me it for free. And infact, the low ball offers MS made for Win 8 upgrades just suggest that it's real value is closer to worthless than Win 7 which was not so heavily discounted.