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    , leeappdalec‚Äčom wrote



    Seriously you find hitting the windows key and typing an application name confusing? Righto!

    Your always going to have to have stuff forced on you, it's called progress. Software gets updated from time to time, deal with it.

    You know what is confusing ... if you search for "Event" expecting the Event Logs or View Event Logs to come up and it doesn't come up under apps on one system, but it does on the other and then you have to switch to Settings to find it ... and you scratch your head wondering why it works on one system but not another ... then you remember that you did something on one system to show Administrative tools in the Start Screen, and that made them available to the App search charm ... that kind of thing is confusing.  I can deal, but it's stuff like that which should be ironed out over the next while.