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    @Sven Groot:

    That much is obvious but getting there by creating a negative sentiment for the early adopters doesn't seem like the best strategy. They could have at minimum made the Modern UI a "default" that desktop users can easily change to the Windows 7 style experience from a checkbox.


     re: The history lesson,

    I don't this is quite comparable. I used similar self made boot menus and config.sys etc as most gamers had to, we had many boot options for specific games as well. I could have DR-DOS 6 installed and Win 3.1 did not mess around with the DR-DOS 6 environment. Win 8 going to Modern and then messing up a great deal with the Win 7 style experience on top of that pretty much created what you just said. I installed Windows 8 on alternate boot, took a good look and haven't bothered going back, particularly  after finding some biggest most popular games had problems in their installer in Win8, which leaves one to question about the compatibility for all the obscure stuff I have. (I did manage to get the popular game installed but only to find out that it said it won't support anything newer than Windows 7 when running it and compatibility mode didn't help because this message was from the drivers the game installs - maybe this has been fixed by now though for this popular title)