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    Two kinds of applications?

    ..... it's like people forget that there are also console applications in Windows.

    All of this bitching and moaning about Metro reminds me of 1995, when Microsoft started to push DOS into the background in favour of their new "for beginners" Windows 95 interface, with its tacky Start menu (complete with an animation on the taskbar to guide peoples' eyes to the bottom-left corner) and keyboard-hostile file management interface.

    People who'd spent the last 10-15 years working in DOS (the Lotus and Wordperfect crowd, the gamers, the BBSers, and basically everyone else who wasn't using a Mac) bitched, whined, complained, hemmed, hawed, posted screeds on Usenet, etc., but eventually they adjusted to this new interface.  The apps they wanted to use eventually showed up as native Win32 apps, too.  They managed, right?  I guess some of them fled to Unix systems because they didn't like GUIs.  Fine.  But Windows still went on to 95+% market share on the strength of the boldness of the radical changes behind Windows 95.