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    All the talking on forums in the world isn't going to help though. It seems to have gotten to the point where most people don't care. In previous OS versions there would have been a bigger public outcry and that's what MS has to worry about. Once people stop caring the product become irrelevant.

    This is one of the reasons I think there should be a new Win8 Taskforce like the other ones on Long Zheng's website It'll be a central place where concerned users can collaborate on showing the people at Microsoft what parts of the Win8 UI need fixing.
    Complaining on C9 isn't going to accomplish anything.

    If they could give us a way to switch to "non-touchscreen" mode that works like Win7 it would also be good marketing. I think they're afraid to admit they went to far with the UI but the embarrassment of admitting this probably would be offset by the gratitude they would get from users and all the sales people at stores like Staples that just can't bring themselves to sell a machine with Win8 on it if it doesn't have a touchscreen (which there are only 2 of in my local store, one's hidden way at the bottom of the isle and the other is an ultrabook that has a password set on it so nobody can try it out).