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View Thread: When did you last pull an all nighter?
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    , Dr Herbie wrote

    @Maddus Mattus: We have learned to all keep small torches in the office so that when we have one of our (not infrequent enough) power cuts, we can still use the toilet which has no windows; does make it more of an adventure, though.


    Aren't you in Britan? Power cuts? e-gads!


    I pull all nighters much more often than anyone else I know, but it is never for work. More Prince Harry-ish, j/k, (he's my new hero fwiw). My all nighters tend to energize me as much as tax me. 


    I control my work hours. There are few occasions where over 8-10 hours of work is even productive, as Herbie and Bas pointed out. I successfully avoid programmer burn-out (when you sit in your chair and stare at the screen and cannot put a single thought in your head). I burned out enough in earlier years to learn to avoid it.