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View Thread: When did you last pull an all nighter?
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    Maddus Mattus

    The last time I pulled on all nighter, was when I was employed at Avanade.

    We did a job at a large insurer and some bozo (me) decided to shrink the database at 1PM.

    Next morning we had 60 testers coming to test the new release of the product.

    Shrinking a 250GB database takes some time, especially one designed by us.

    At 10PM the lights of the entire building went out, including the toilets. They could not be turned on.

    At 1AM the project manager, decided that he needed to go for a #2 in the dark.

    At 1:10AM we turned off our computers and moved to a different office

    At 1:30AM the project manager returned to the now empty office, yelling to us on the way there how difficult wiping is, when you cant see.

    At 1:45AM he phoned the program manager to explain that we have left.

    At 1:50AM we explained to him, that we just moved offices, no biggie Big Smile

    So, finally at 4AM the database was done shrinking and testing began at 8PM.

    So we decided not to go home,..