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View Thread: When did you last pull an all nighter?
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    I think an unanswered question here is: define an 'all-nighter'?

    I recall a few nights back in High School, being up until 7 or 8 am in an AOL chat room (or chatting with a few interesting folks met there).

    I recall a night back in college where I was up til 5 am, cramming a book on programming languages with progressively worse Mortal Combat movies on TV channel I was tuned to (I honestly do not recall which was more painful).

    To this day I say (a long standing mantra): "I don't drink caffeinated drinks... If I am up until 3 am debugging code... I'm up because of willpower... or desperation"... despite which my wife will frequently yell at me to go to bed ~12 or 1am if I am working on something from the couch (or basement home office).

    So again I ask... how late is an 'all-nighter' for the context of this thread?

    @JoshRoss, you are a better (or more forceful) husband than I... my first born is ~two months old but my wife has gone to extended lengths to make sure that I get a full night's sleep each night (including the whole yelling at me to go to bed when she thinks I'm up too late) as I am the sole bread winner in the house for the three of us... despite my willingness to take on the young'in from time to time so as to allow her an uninterrupted sleep... something that only happens when a grandparent visits and orders the mamma to bed and keeps the young'in away from her.