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Where do I begin?

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        I'm looking into a career of game design and programming, but I'm not able to find anything helpful for my platform, Visual C++.  I've looked all over the internet and even these forums, but I haven't been able to find what I'm looking for.  Everything that I've found so far that I've thought could be helpful was for another language or program.

        Does anybody have any suggestions at all for where I should go?  Just to be clear, I'm looking for C++ and Directx tutorials if any can be found.  If I can just start with 2D game creation and work my way up from there, I might have a shot at my career of choice.


    Thank you


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    Do you know C++ already or do you need to learn it too?

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    Recommend using Unreal SDK is you want game "design". The engine design and 3d are completely different path on its own.


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    @ZippyV:I already know at least basic C++ ( I only got one half a year for the course).


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    I'm with magicalclick. Writing your own game engine will be fun, but it'll be a while before you see any pay-off from it. Learning a game engine will take time also, but once you know it, you'll be instantly employable!!!

    Sounds like you want to go the write your own route

    Gamasutra programming section is good:

    Here's a good beginner's resource for DirectX:

    This book is a very good resource for doing 2D w/ Direct3D (a bit dated, though):

    And just remember Gamasutra for anything gaming related, including design

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    @Minh: Thanks!  This will definitely help.  The only problem now is getting over some minor procrastination problems, (most of them because I play other games and have limited time during the week Tongue Out), and I might get somewhere.  I might want to invest in a heavy duty C++ book also because, while I do know the basics of C++, I'm am probably no-where near to knowing enough about the language to use it in this way.


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