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Which blind monkey translated this?

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    Sven Groot

    I just saw this on a Dutch Windows 7 system, in Windows Update:

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    Apparently the original text contained the phrase "Internet Explorer 9 in another language". And someone apparently decided to replace "9 in" with "22.86 cm".

    I'm guessing they have some kind of automated tool to check for unit conversions, and no one actually proofreads the output from this tool (it's not as if automated translation ever makes mistakes, right?)

    Textbook definition of a blind idiot translation.

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    Haha that is a good one!

    Proofreading does not catch everything though, although this is a strange case. However I do wonder how many people really read what the update is about. If I read the title I already know enough about the update.

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    Sven Groot

    @CKurt: I don't normally read the description either, this just jumped out at me while glancing over the text and I simply had to take a screenshot. Smiley

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    @Sven Groot:  LOL!  Too funny. Big Smile

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    Maybe with Internet Explorer 22.86 I can start actually seeing websites instead of watching them trying to be recovered.

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    Maddus Mattus


    who reeds those anyway?

    well,.. apperently you do,..


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    ,Sven Groot wrote

    replace "9 in" with "22.86 cm"

    Damned EU metric regulations Smiley

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    That's hilarious! Smiley

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